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Castle in Olsztyn and total Moon eclipse

One of the most picturesque of the Polish castles towers between high rocks over Olsztyn near to Częstochowa. It is one of the famous Eagle’s Nests of the king Kasimir the Great and comes from XIV century. Comming to Olsztyn by night from the side of Częstochowa you can a see fabulous view! Yes, still this is Poland :-) There is seen the whole character of the visited by us Kraków-Częstochowa Upland. From the walls of the castle you can see the Luminous Mount Monastery as well as the Częstochowa Steel Mill.

Taking the pictures of the castle by evening we were catching each single and possible ray of the Sun, which was covered by clouds almost all the time. Luckily weather let us see and photograph something unusual! Early morning about 3:00 o’clock a.m. there happened an absolutely unique astronomical event – total Moon eclipse. It took place on 28 September 2015 and the area of the Castle in Olsztyn as well as beautiful but cold weather made perfect circumstances for this occassion.

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Jędrzejów Abbey

Jędrzejów Abbey in Poland is the beautiful and old temple, which walls have seen a lot. Here, in the naves and corners you can smell the scent of incense as well as the atmosphere of authenticity and spirituality. We experienced an unusual silence in this awsome place,  an aura of truth prayer is palpable in every peace of the old floor, chipped column, faded frescoes or in an heavenly light seeping through the small windows… The beginnings of this church come from XII century, here used to live and worked blessed Wincenty Kadłubek. It is worth to get here, when travelling between Kielce and Olsztyn near to Częstochowa in Poland. This place is different from the commercialized centers of pilgrimage and “holly” bazaars. This place is the authenticity in itself…

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Chęciny Royal Castle

The origins of this fortress dates back to the XIII century. It is associated with the name of the King Ladislaus the Short and it was very important political center in medieval. In the time of the Teutonic war here gathered the main Polish troops. In the half of XIV century the castle was extended by Casimir the Great and was never conquered in its heyday. Today, in XXI century, the fortress situated near to the city of Kielce in Poland in the Holy Cross province, looks so:

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Castle and Collegiate in Kruszwica

The Legend about King Popiel who was eaten by mice comes exactly from here.  Dozens of little holes, which seem to be mink rodents are watching from the high tower. However these are not, what they look like, as in reality they are just remains after scaffolding used to build this medieval fourtress. In Kruszwica, located on the Lake of Gopło there we can visit also the St. Peter and Paul roman Collegiate which walls bear stones signed with the old pagan symbols. This church is interesting because of one more reason – the drawing showing it we can find on a 20 PLN bill.

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