Dawn of the autumn constellations

Dawn of the autumn constellations with the Perseus, Aries, and Taurus. The bright group of stars on the downright sight is the opened star cluster M45 Pleiades. The group on the upper left side of the picture is the Double Cluster in Perseus NGC 869, and NGC 884, or the h+χ Persei.

Ⓒ Bogumił Hoder
Ⓒ Bogumil Hoder

Photo data:

– location: North hemisphere, Central Europe;
– latitude: N 51° 56′ 24.00″;
– longitude: E 15° 29′ 24.00″;
– direction: East;
– time: 11.09.2010, 11:30 a.m.;
– camera: Nikon D700, f/2,8, shutter speed 30 s, ISO-1600, 24 mm.

Ⓒ Bogumil Hoder

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