End of summer

Directly above the forest there is seen the setting central part of our Galaxy focused in the constellation of Sagittarius. Unfortunately this glow of city light, and relatively low position of the center of Milky Way make impossible admiring great number of the nebulae, star clusters, and interstellar dust and gases. Almost in the middle of the frame there is seen the star Altair from the Eagle constellation, higher on the right shines Vega – alpha star of the Swan constellation, which reigns above.

Ⓒ Bogumił Hoder
Ⓒ Bogumil Hoder

Photo data:

– location: North hemisphere, Central Europe;
– latitude: N 51° 56′ 24.00″;
– longitude: E 15° 29′ 24.00″;
– direction: South-West;
– time: 24.09.2011, 9:00 a.m.;
– camera: Nikon D700, f/2,8, shutter speed 30 s, ISO-2000, 14 mm.

Ⓒ Bogumil Hoder

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