Fullmoon – “Blue Moon”

Full Moon photographed in the time of the greatest close-up of our natural satellite to Earth – called “Blue Moon”. The Moon closed-up to distance about 360 000 km., it was brighter and had a bigger angle dimensions. The picture is a mosaic, done with the method of the eyepiece projection, and folded-up in the graphic program.

Ⓒ Bogumił Hoder
Ⓒ Bogumil Hoder

Photo data:

– location: North hemisphere, Central Europe;
– latitude: N 51° 56′ 24.00″;
– longitude: E 15° 29′ 24.00″;
– direction: South-East;
– time: 19.03.2011, 11:00 a.m.;
– camera: KONICA MINOLTA DiMAGE Z5, Sky Watcher Synta 12’’ Newtonian telescope, Swan 33 mm eyepiece + frame.

Ⓒ Bogumil Hoder

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