special sessions

Commercial, studio, outdoor, and event photography:

We make the professional portraits, group shots, and photo-reportages.


– portrait photos;
– artistic photography of any theme.


– photography of people in a chosen place, in any daytime and season;

There may be the different occasions and locations. Weddings, communions, private sessions in the gardens, parks or castles. We can work in different light-conditions – from a typical sunny day to astrophotography, as well as the night urban photography.

Occasions – full photo-reportage:

– meetings;
– parties;
– events;
– religious celebrations.


Different occasions as official (performances, concerts, festivals etc.), as private (parties, family ceremonies, travels etc.).

Photography for the schools, national institutions, companies:

– group and portrait shots;
– travel pictures;
– parties and events reportages (integration meetings, fests etc.);
– photography of the objects for sale and museum exhibits.

Making and designing of the commercial and promotional materials:

– photomontages and photo-manipulations;
– different graphical works (designs of the posters, leaflets, brochures, commercial folders, cards, invitations etc.).

The price lists of the services are set individually. We take different orders, also not mentioned in the above list.