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Jędrzejów Abbey

Jędrzejów Abbey in Poland is the beautiful and old temple, which walls have seen a lot. Here, in the naves and corners you can smell the scent of incense as well as the atmosphere of authenticity and spirituality. We experienced an unusual silence in this awsome place,  an aura of truth prayer is palpable in every peace of the old floor, chipped column, faded frescoes or in an heavenly light seeping through the small windows… The beginnings of this church come from XII century, here used to live and worked blessed Wincenty Kadłubek. It is worth to get here, when travelling between Kielce and Olsztyn near to Częstochowa in Poland. This place is different from the commercialized centers of pilgrimage and “holly” bazaars. This place is the authenticity in itself…

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